Current Invitation

The current invitation (Mar 2017) is for T-SQL Tuesday #88 is: The daily (database-related) WTF from Kennie Pontoppidan.

The Apr 2017 invitation should be released on Apr 4.

The daily (database-related) WTF

Be inspired by the IT horror stories from, and tell your own daily WTF story. The truly original way developers generated SQL in project X. Or what the grumpy “DBA” imposed on people in project Y. Or how the architect did truly weird “database design” on project Z.

One of my favorite dailyWTF stories is the on about the BIG red button.

Could be that someone from within Amazon will tell that the true story of the AWS glitch last week was a T-SQL dynamic query gone bad.. Or that the HSBC online banking outage last month was as simple USE (wrong) database mistake. Or whatever you guys (or that guy over there) did.