Let’s All Get PoSh – What are you going to automate today for T-SQL Tuesday #094

The current invitation (September 2017) is for T-SQL Tuesday #94. Invitation  and Get-PostRoundup from Rob Sewell. What are you going to automate today? It is no surprise to those that know me that I will choose PowerShell as the topic for this month. I am passionate about PowerShell because it has enabled me to have the career I have … Continue reading “Let’s All Get PoSh – What are you going to automate today for T-SQL Tuesday #094”

T-SQL Tuesday #066 – Monitoring

Invitation and roundup from Catherine Wilhelmsen.   The topic of the month is monitoring. We all monitor something while working with SQL Server: Maybe you’re a DBA who monitors database performance, an SSIS developer who monitors job and package execution, an application developer who monitors queries or a BI analyst who monitors report usage? Do … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #066 – Monitoring”

T-SQL Tuesday #065 – Teach Something New

Invitation and roundup from Mike Donnelly. The topic this month is straight forward, but very open ended. You must learn something new and then write a blog post explaining it. One of the reasons I present and blog is because it forces me to really learn a subject if I am going to explain it … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #065 – Teach Something New”

T-SQL Tuesday #050 – Automation

Invitation from Hemanth D. Automation plays a huge part in our lives and the DBA profession is no so different. A couple of years ago this topic was shared by Pat Wright. I would like to revisit this again and see how much of our approach has changed. You could write about, what options you … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #050 – Automation”

T-SQL Tuesday #039 – Can You Shell What the PoSH is Cooking?

Invitation and recap from Wayne Sheffield. This month, for the first time, I’m hosting the T-SQL Tuesday Party, and you are all invited. I struggled to come up with a suitable topic (for all of 2 seconds), and decided to tie it in with the blog series on PowerShell that I’m currently blogging on. So … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #039 – Can You Shell What the PoSH is Cooking?”