2015 T-SQL Tuesdays

  • December – T-SQL Tuesday #73 – Naughty or Nice? – As you work with SQL Server look around you. Is your environment Naughty or Nice?
  • November – T-SQL Tuesday #72 – Data Modeling Gone Wrong (summary)- I would like to invite you to share some data modeling practices that should be avoided, and how to fix them when they do occur.
  • October – T-SQL Tuesday #71 – SQL Server Audit () – For this month, I would like to invite you to write about Auditing. Auditing is certainly a security related topic, and with that fits right in with the August topic (Encryption).
  • September – T-SQL Tuesday #70 – The Enterprise (roundup) – How do you manage an enterprise? What tricks do you use? What are the challenges?
  • August – T-SQL Tuesday #69 – Encryption (roundup) – Write about how you use encryption, why not, what’s blocking you, or what you just learned.
  • July – T-SQL Tuesday #68 – Just Say No to Defaults (roundup) – running with defaults is far from ideal. We all change things after we install an instance, sometimes not until we encounter a problem. Write about something you’ve dealt with as far as defaults go.
  • June – T-SQL Tuesday #67 – Extended Events (Wrap-up) – How have you used extended events? If you haven’t, try to learn something, set up a session, and write about it.
  • May – T-SQL Tuesday #66 – Monitoring (roundup) – you must monitor your systems, your SSIS packages, your reports, something. Talk about monitoring in SQL Server.
  • Apr – T-SQL Tuesday #65 – Teach Something New (roundup) – Completely open ended. Teach yourself something new, anything, about SQL Server and write about it. Bonus for talking about how you learned something new.
  • Mar – T-SQL Tuesday #64 – Calling All Tuners and Gearheads (roundup) – Russ wants posts tackling “focused” performance tuning. By “focused,” he means tackle something head on; the more secret sauce, tricks, code samples, operator costs, or demonstrable metrics against a defined problem the better.
  • Feb -T-SQL Tuesday #63 – How Do You Manage Security? (roundup) – What tips, tricks, techniques, or philosophies do you have around security?
  • Jan – T-SQL Tuesday #62 – HealthySQL (roundup) – How do you ensure your instances are healthy? Monitoring? Maintenance? Something else?

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