Request to Host T-SQL Tuesday

Note: Organization of the T-SQL Tuesday blog party has changed to Steve Jones as of July 2018.

In order to manage the hosting, I’ve set up this page to allow  you to leave a comment  contact me and request a date. Ping me on Twitter (@way0utwest) as that’s the best way to find me. Use either a mention or a direct message.

If you request a chance at hosting, you must abide by the rules for T-SQL Tuesday. I do maintain a list of banned hosts, and if you do not abide by the rules, you will be banned from hosting in the future.

I would also request that if you are selected, you do the following:

  • Set a reminder for either the first Monday or Tuesday of your month to post the invitation on your blog.
  • At this time, post a note on Twitter that the invitation is live
  • Ping me when you post the invitation
  • Set a reminder for the second Monday and/or Tuesday of the month to send some reminders on Twitter about your invitation and ask that others post (or pre-schedule a few)
  • Set a reminder for sometimes the day after (second Wednesday) through that next Saturday to review posts and write a roundup/summary
  • Set a reminder for the third Tuesday of the month to be sure you’ve posted a roundup
  • Ping me when you post the round up / summary

If you are selected, I will also ask that your topic be ready a month in advance in case the previous host has issues. In that case, I’ll move your month up.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you host in the future.

Steve Jones


T-SQL Tuesday #104 – Code You Would Hate To Live Without

Invitation and Roundup from Bert Wagner The next invitation should be released on August 7.

Code You Would Hate To Live Without

Before modern online programming communities, finding good code samples or sharing your own code was challenging. Forums and email lists (if searchable) were good, but beyond that you had to rely on books, coworkers, and maybe a local meetup of like-minded individuals to help you work through your programming problems.

Check out this month’s T-SQL Tuesday invitation in visual form!

Today, accessing and using code from the internet is second nature – I almost always first look online to see if a good solution already exists.  At the very least, searching blogs, GitHub, and StackOverflow for existing code is a great way to generate ideas.

For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, I want you to write about code you’ve written that you would hate to live without.

Maybe you built a maintenance script to free up disk space, wrote a query to gather system stats for monitoring, or coded some PowerShell to clean up string data.  Your work doesn’t need to be completely original either – maybe you’ve improved the code in some open source project to better solve the problem for your particular situation.

There’s probably someone out there in the world who is experiencing the same problem that you have already solved; let’s make their life a little easier by sharing.

And don’t worry if your code isn’t perfect – just explain how your solution works and if you are aware of any caveats.  If it’s not an exact solution for someone else’s problem, at the very least it may help them generate some ideas.