T-SQL Tuesday #137: Using Notebooks Every Day

Invitation and wrap-up from Steve Jones. Jupyter Notebooks I first heard about Jupyter Notebooks years ago. At the time I was just getting started in Python and I thought these were a great way to share code online with others. However, the setup and administration was a pain, and I quickly gave up. When I … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #137: Using Notebooks Every Day”

T-SQL Tuesday #112 – Dipping into your Cookie Jar

Invitation and roundup from Shane O’Neil I’ve been listening to audio-books on the way into work, and the current one struck a cord with me. It’s “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins and it is about his story from a rough upbringing “into a US Armed Forces icon and one of the world’s top endurance … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #112 – Dipping into your Cookie Jar”

T-SQL Tuesday #110 – Automate All the Things

Invitation and recap from Garry Bargsley. Have you heard the phrase “Automate All the Things”?  That seemed to be the top buzz phrase of 2018 and means different things to different people. Kicking off the T-SQL Tuesday season for 2019, I would like to ask, what does “Automate All the Things” mean to you?  Everyone’s … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #110 – Automate All the Things”

The Rules

Adam provided the rules in January 2017. There’s a few more notes in his blog post, but here are a reproduction of the items. I treat these are guidelines and try to adhere to these, but I may grant exceptions at times. Note: Where it says “I” below, these are from Adam’s post. “I” is … Continue reading “The Rules”


The following is taken from Adam Machanic’s original post on the Rules of Engagement. I have reproduced this here with permission. T-SQL Tuesday Rules of Engagement Before I present the rules, I’d like to take a moment to describe the purpose of all of this: T-SQL Tuesday is designed to strengthen the SQL Server blog … Continue reading “Rules”

T-SQL Tuesday #104 – Code You Would Hate To Live Without

Invitation and Roundup from Bert Wagner. The next invitation should be released on August 7. Code You Would Hate To Live Without Before modern online programming communities, finding good code samples or sharing your own code was challenging. Forums and email lists (if searchable) were good, but beyond that you had to rely on books, coworkers, and … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #104 – Code You Would Hate To Live Without”

T-SQL Tuesday #103 – Azure SQL Database – Challenges, Pros and Cons, Issues

Invitation and review from Bjorn Peters. Write what you think about Azure SQL Database So this is my call for the June 2018 TSQL Tuesday: Tell me/us if you or your company has already started testing of Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Managed Instance or if you’re already using it. Tell us all about it: … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #103 – Azure SQL Database – Challenges, Pros and Cons, Issues”

Let’s All Get PoSh – What are you going to automate today for T-SQL Tuesday #094

The current invitation (September 2017) is for T-SQL Tuesday #94. Invitation  and Get-PostRoundup from Rob Sewell. What are you going to automate today? It is no surprise to those that know me that I will choose PowerShell as the topic for this month. I am passionate about PowerShell because it has enabled me to have the career I have … Continue reading “Let’s All Get PoSh – What are you going to automate today for T-SQL Tuesday #094”

T-SQL Tuesday #066 – Monitoring

Invitation and roundup from Catherine Wilhelmsen.   The topic of the month is monitoring. We all monitor something while working with SQL Server: Maybe you’re a DBA who monitors database performance, an SSIS developer who monitors job and package execution, an application developer who monitors queries or a BI analyst who monitors report usage? Do … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #066 – Monitoring”

T-SQL Tuesday #065 – Teach Something New

Invitation and roundup from Mike Donnelly. The topic this month is straight forward, but very open ended. You must learn something new and then write a blog post explaining it. One of the reasons I present and blog is because it forces me to really learn a subject if I am going to explain it … Continue reading “T-SQL Tuesday #065 – Teach Something New”