T-SQL Tuesday #079 – It’s 2016

Invitation and roundup from Michael J. Swart.

SQL Server 2016 went RTM this week and so naturally, we’re going to write about it. Here are a few writing prompts for you:

  • Check out what’s new. Microsoft has written a lot about their new features. Thomas Larock has written a really nice landing page for those posts, SQL Server 2016: It Just Runs Faster – Thomas Larock. Look through those links. Do you feel optimistic about 2016? Or maybe a bit disappointed? Let us know either way
  • Haven’t had time to download the bits, install them, explore and form thoughts on 2016 yet? Have no fear, check out Microsoft’s Virtual Labs. It lets you explore features without worrying about all the setup. In minutes you’ll be typing SELECT 'hello world';

Still Not Inspired Eh?

  • Write a post starting with “It’s 2016, why is this still (not) a thing?” <cough>regular expressions</cough>
  • Think outside the box and maybe write about something besides SQL Server. Write about something you did in 2016 that would have been impossible at the same time last year.