T-SQL Tuesday #009: Beach Time

Invitation and roundup from Jason Brimhall.

Congratulations!  You have been chosen as a finalist in the Vacation Getaway package of a lifetime.  You will be flown to a resort destination of your choosing.  For this vacation, we only ask that you leave your cell-phone, laptop, twitter and facebook behind.  You have earned a break from the emergency Database repair calls and the urgent last-minute report requests.  To take advantage of this opportunity to put your “toes in the water and ass in the sand” and to feel like there’s “Not a worry in the world” and “life is good today,” just share what you did to earn it! (Lyrics courtesy of “Toes” by the Zac Brown Band)

What do you do as a DB professional to earn a little “Beach Time?”  What do you do prior to “Beach Time” to ensure that the beach time will not involve work?  The topic for this installment in TSQL2sday is to write about what you have done to be able to get a break from the job.  Beach time is usually vacation time, but is really anything that can create a break in the work-place.  If you automated a process to lighten your load – tell us about that process.  If you had to pull a 72-hr shift to ensure that your vacation plans would be unaltered by work – tell us about it.  If you turn off the cell-phone and pager and ignore email for that vacation – tell us about it.