T-SQL Tuesday #083 – We’re Still Dealing with the Same Old Problems

Invitation and roundup from Andy M. Mallon.

At the end of August, Allan Hirt (blog|twitter) tweeted:

I proceeded to flood Twitter with a bunch of things that IT has been messing up for years. At the end of my tweetstorm, I realized it would be a wonderful topic of T-SQL Tuesday.

Of course, because this is T-SQL Tuesday, let’s put a database-centric spin on Allan’s original tweet. For this month’s topic, I offer two fill-in-the-blank topics:

  • In the <N> years I have been a database professional, we’re still dealing with <some problem>
  • In the <N> years I have been using SQL Server, we’re still dealing with <some problem>

Whatever your problem, this month is a chance to give your stump speech, and raise some awareness about it. Perhaps we can even make some progress in fixing some of these problems.



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