T-SQL Tuesday #86 – SQL Server Bugs and Enhancement

Invitation and roundup from Brent Ozar.

I know this is going to come as a stunning shock to you, dear reader, so you may want to be sitting down.

SQL Server isn’t perfect.

It’s okay. Deep, calming breaths. We’re going to get through this together, and here’s how:

  1. Go to Connect.Microsoft.com, the place where we file bug reports and enhancement requests
  2. Use the Search to search for your favorite commands, or keywords like error or incorrect results
  3. Realize that the search function is incredibad, and instead switch to using Google to search for terms or bugs marked as won’t fix
  4. Find the most interesting bug or enhancement request (and it can be your own), and write a blog post about it (including a link to the Connect item so that folks who agree with you can upvote the item)

The Connect item doesn’t have to have anything to do with T-SQL – it could be about the engine, SSRS, R, the installer, whatever. Now, more than ever, Microsoft has started to respond to Connect requests and get ’em fixed not just in upcoming versions of SQL Server, but even in cumulative updates for existing versions.

It’s an incredible rush of a feeling when you see that Microsoft closes one of your favorite bugs as fixed. It’s happening fast these days – and I want you to enjoy that feeling too. So it’s time to get to know Connect!